Slime CCG Update #2

Slime CCG Update 

Hey everyone! Kody here we have been working hard on Slime CCG to make it something wonderful for you! New balancing and card texts will allow the player to understand the cards and the game-play! 

Bug Fixes

1. Prebuilt decks as well as player built decks now display their names in the deck selection menu.

2. Ai are more complex and randomized when selecting "create AI player" selecting from a pool of unique AIs to battle the player

3. Wild Fire Slime has been fixed and remains on the field now after play.

4. Card texts are more refined and use key words that will be used in future sets.


1. Slime Police has been changed instead of 8 attack it now has 6, instead of costing 3 to attack he simply dies after three turns 

2. Cool Slime can now only attack twice using its ability 

3. Large/medium Size Slimes can no longer attack player directly and can only attack other Slimes

4. Healing Slimes now stay on field after being played and have health and and attack

We have also added 32 bit version of the game :D enjoy!

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