Slime CCG Store and the Slime TCG

Hey all, its Kody again and im here with some awesome news about Slime CCG! First off Slime CCG has a new brand new store that is used as a main menu on the android version! This screen will show news and other updates as well as serve as a hub for our social links and Patr  eon!


Speaking of Patreon, we have brand new roles in our Discord Server for Patreons! So rememeber to check out our Patreon and select the $5 tier, don't forget to include your address!

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Finally, Slime TCG has been released! Physical Slime Cards are available to our Patreons each month you will get 2 Slime TCG cards and one sticker 


Slime CCG for Android 183 MB
Version 3 Jan 09, 2018

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